Triflex strengthens commercial and customer services provision

Triflex commercial and customer services

To reflect the investments in modernisation and a continual improvement process, Triflex has strengthened its team.

Triflex image of Sam Giblin. The new Commercial and Customer Service Manager

Sam Giblin has recently been welcomed as Commercial and Customer Services Manager. With a wealth of experience, Sam brings a fresh approach to ensure that Triflex customer service continues to meet the needs of our clients.

Sam explains “The customer service department encompasses the customer journey from a first touch point to a warranty issued. For some of our clients, that means authorised contractor training at the Triflex Academy, and others guiding through a warranty application. At all our touch points we aim to deliver high quality customer service effectively. By looking closely at our current processes, we are able to streamline tasks and increase efficiencies to deliver what our clients need at the right time.”

Image of Kate Gardiner

Triflex also has a new Digital Transformation Manager, Kate Gardiner, responsible for developing and implementing innovative digital solutions that will drive modernisations, streamline processes, and improve the customer experience. Kate has many years’ experience of the Triflex business, with a breadth and depth of knowledge of commercial processes and customer needs.

Kate adds “We continually strive to meet the needs of our customers and ensure we operate efficiently. We are now taking advantage of new technologies available to further digitalise the business, ensuring that we provide our customers with the highest levels of service.”