New guide Solutions for failing asphalt: multi-storey car parks

Front cover shot of the Triflex Solutions for failing asphalt: multi-storey car park decks

Asphalt overlay specialists, Triflex have put together a guide “Solutions for failing asphalt” for multi-storey car parks. The guide for car park owners, operators and managers considers the challenges as these structures age and asphalt deteriorates.

It includes a handy listicle of “9 Asphalt failures you cannot ignore” providing a visual reference for action. Also explored are the four key choices faced to maintain the structural integrity, waterproofing and protection of these hard-working structures. From asphalt repair, asphalt removal and replacement, to technologically advanced asphalt overlay solutions the downloadable format provides expert guidance.

A series of blogs is also available which includes an insightful article by National Sales Manager for Triflex and the Vice Chair for the British Parking Association’s Parking Structure Group, Richard Bowyer.

Tony Mills, Sales Director explains “As part of our industry leading free condition surveys, we see every kind of asphalt condition. Thankfully, due to our advanced PMMA cold liquid applied technology, we have been able to address all these problems across the built environment. We hope that the guide and series of blogs gives some reassurance that landlords, owners, operators and specifiers are not alone, and our expertise is on hand for warrantied waterproofing and protection of multi-storey car parks.”

With systems that overlay existing surfaces, the solutions not only offer minimal disruption, but are rapid, sustainable and cost effective.