Solutions for industry and infrastructure

Solutions for industry and infrastructure

Waterproofing, surfacing, coating and repair systems.
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Infrastructure examples

Whatever the project, we have a range of specifically engineered waterproofing, surfacing, coating and repair systems to suit your needs. We can provide solutions for almost any application, such as; wind turbines, plant rooms, water treatment facilities, water features and fountains, monuments, joints and much more.

Advantages at a glance

  • Long lasting and reliable solutions
  • Cold liquid applied and fast curing
  • Compatible with almost any substrate
  • Dedicated testing and certification
Infrastructure grid

Solutions for onshore and offshore wind turbine protection

Wind turbines exploit the forces of nature and give us clean, renewable energy. In the process, the tower and foundation are exposed to the force of the wind and the constant movement stresses the structure. The strong deformation forces can encourage cracks in the tower and the towers foundations which allow moisture to penetrate and can lead to long-term damage.

Triflex Towersafe is a waterproofing system specially developed for wind turbines with a flexible special-purpose fleece reinforcement ensure permanent elasticity system properties. Its liquid form allows upstands and folds and even complex details, like bold cage foundations, to be waterproofed leaving no seams or joints. The wind turbine operator gets a quality technical solution of the highest standard.

Triflex Towersafe
Pothole repair solutions

Rapid solutions for pot hole repairs and more

Many asphalt and bitumen based car park surfaces, including built-up asphalt waterproofing systems, suffer from traffic, freeze thaw and oxidation issues including, pot holes, craters, wheel indentations, wheel depressions and ponding. These issues can be resolved by using our high quality, cold liquid applied repair systems, eliminating the need for full depth removal and reinstatement with the original material. Our specialist solutions are also ideal for:

  • Ponds and planters
  • Anti-static solutions
  • Car park repairs
  • Ticket machine waterproofing