Waterproofing and protection of rail infrastructure assets
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Waterproofing and protection of rail infrastructure

Triflex waterproofing, surfacing and protection systems can deliver ultra-rapid protection to transportation infrastructure. Our systems are tough and resilient with applications from trafficable ramps, walkways and platforms to flooring, car park surfaces and roofs. The highly versatile systems are suitable for newly built or refurbishment projects for the long-lasting, certified and warrantied waterproofing, surfacing and protection of your assets.

Minimise disruption and save time

Triflex systems utilise PMMA resin technology to deliver rainproof protection in 30 minutes. The solvent and isocyanate free systems cure quickly even at low temperatures providing year-round works. With single coat application, the self-terminating cold applied liquid systems are installed quickly and efficiently, minimising disruption to your facilities and services.

Tested for compatibility on over 7,000 substrates, they provide a cost effective and sustainable option to overlay existing surfaces including asphalt, concrete and nearly all types of waterproofing membranes.

Rail infrastructure roofs protected

Triflex PMMA waterproofing systems are designed for flat roofs. The fully reinforced and seamless solutions are versatile and can be used with cold roofs, warm roofs, inverted and buried roofs whether they are a blue roof, green roof, plaza, podium type or trafficked roofs.

The systems are hydrolysis resistant, ensuring ponding water poses no threat. Triflex PMMA waterproofing systems are BBA certified and tested to the highest standards. See the full range of flat roof systems here.

Station car parks waterproofed and surfaced

Triflex waterproofing railway image at Reading Station

Car park structures come under unique stresses and strains. Our sophisticated resin technologies are specifically designed to meet those challenges. We offer tried and tested solutions for dynamic crack bridging and EN 1504-2 certified systems. See our full range of car park solutions here.

  • Multi-storey car parks
  • External and internal car parks
  • Car parks above occupied premises
  • Underground car parks
  • Car park ramps
  • Ground bearing car parks

Railway platforms protected

We provide hard-working, durable surface protection, capable of withstanding the rigors of large passenger numbers.

Triflex has protected some of the busiest thoroughfares in the rail network, with walkways trodden by millions of passengers. We provide anti-skid and high slip resistance variants, as well as a range of bright colours and luminescent options for demarcation and wayfinding.

  • Pedestrian and trafficable ramps
  • Internal stairs and stairwells
  • External stairs and stairwells
  • Platforms
  • Foot bridges

Click here to see our walkway options.

Marking solutions for rail infrastructure

Triflex waterproofing system on a platform at Mullingar Railway Station in Ireland

From wayfinding for vehicles and pedestrians to signage, we provide highly visible marking solutions to improve safety and passenger confidence. 

Our totally cold applied marking systems can withstand high mechanical loads, and are available in anti-slip options with multiple colourways. Glow in the dark, luminescent markings are available too for increased safety.

With drying times of between 20-30 minutes, even down to 0°C, they are ideal for the demarcation of busy areas, ensuring minimal disruption. Triflex marking systems are compatible with a wide range of substrates with excellent adhesion. As market leader in Germany, they have been used extensively on the autobahn and road network for over 25 years. View our marking solutions here.

Triflex support

We are experts in protecting the built environment. Our Triflex technical team can help you to ensure the right product for the right situation to waterproof and protect your rail infrastructure assets for the long term. With a suite of on-site and off-site services, we provide support from start to finish. For more information, click here.

  • Site surveys
  • Core sampling, testing and analysis
  • On-site peel adhesion / cohesive strength testing
  • Recommendations on our most suitable system(s) for the project
  • System and product samples
  • Bespoke project specification proposals
  • On-site support services
Triflex rail image Network Rail Holgate
Bristol Parkway Station Triflex waterproofing image
Triflex Preco Line 300 NightLine railway image
Image of Triflex waterproofing system at Reading Railway Station
Triflex waterproofing system on a walkway at Harrow and Wealdstone Underground Station in London
Triflex waterproofing system on the car park at Southampton Parkway Station
Triflex waterproofing rail page Network Rail Holgate
Triflex waterproofing rail page Bristol Parkway image
Triflex roof waterproofing system at Newcastle Central Station
Triflex waterproofing system rail image at Reading Railway Station
Image of Triflex waterproofing system on the car park at Southampton Parkway Station