Triflex DeckDefence Epoxy

A cost effective Epoxy system for internal concrete decks and ramps above parking and ground bearing decks and ramps.
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Concrete car park waterproof coating systems often require air movement to cure and in fully enclosed or underground car parks this cannot be achieved without artificial means. Triflex DeckDefence Epoxy utilises solvent free epoxy resin technology that cures without the additional need for ventilation making it ideal for these tricky environments. The waterproof system is available in three variants which are engineered to deal with a wide range of substrate textures, from textured, profiled and uneven decks to smooth, power floated decks, and can optionally include a fully reinforced waterproofing membrane for high risk areas. The durable solution protects decks and ramps from chemicals, chloride contamination and carbon dioxide ingress, satisfies slip resistance requirements and visually improves and enhances the parking environment.

System highlights

Underground environment icon 99 x 99

Designed for the underground environment

Utilising solvent free, heavy duty resin technology, the system is designed for underground and fully enclosed car park environments with no requirement for ventilation.

Installation icon 99 x 99

Simple installation

Featuring a self priming coating, the system can be applied in a simple, two process application, saving time on site and increasing productivity.

Versatile icon 99 x99

Ultimate versatility

Available in 3 variants which are specifically engineered to deal with a wide range of substrate textures from smooth, power floated decks to textured, profiled and uneven decks.

Fleece icon 99 x 99

Optional locally reinforced, elastomeric waterproofing membrane

Even high risk areas pose no problem for this durable solution, as the system can incorporate a fully reinforced, localised waterproofing membrane specifically designed to accomodate movement and cracking within parking structures.

Durability icon 99 x 99

Tough and durable protection

The demands of even highly trafficked, high space change rate car parks are no issue for the aggregate filled wearing course and durable surface finish used in Triflex DeckDefence Epoxy. The system is resistant to chlorides (road salts), carbon dioxide ingress, petrol, diesel, brake fluid, engine oil, battery acid, and de-icing and cleaning products. Protection that's built to last, with a low lifecycle cost.

Fire-Safety icon 99 x 99

Cold applied system

There is no risk from hot works during installaltion as all of our materials are applied in a totally cold liquid form, curing to create a solution that lasts.

Anti-skid icon 99 x 99


High levels of long term skid resistance in wet and dry conditions also provides a secure and safe solution for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Low maintenance icon 99 x 99

Low maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain, the system provides a low maintenance finish.

Versatile icon 99 x99

Versatile design

Available in a wide range of standard and bespoke colours and finishes, Triflex DeckDefence Epoxy enhances aesthetics for maximum visual impact - refer to Triflex colour card.

DeckDefence Epoxy

Application areas

  • Underground concrete car park decks and ramps
  • Fully enclosed concrete car park decks and ramps

Compatible substrates

  • Concrete, concrete repair materials and screeds
  • Existing membranes

Suitable constructions

  • Cast in situ concrete
  • Permanent formwork with in situ concrete
  • Precast concrete planks with or without structural topping
  • Precast double tee units with or without structural topping
  • Ground bearing concrete

System variants

DeckDefence Epoxy

Triflex DeckDefence Epoxy is designed to waterproof and protect internal concrete car park decks and ramps over parking and ground bearing concrete car park decks and ramps.
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DeckDefence Epoxy Eco

Triflex DeckDefence Epoxy Eco is for smooth, power floated concrete car park decks and ramps.
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Triflex DeckDefence Epoxy colour card

Finish colours

Triflex DeckDefence Epoxy is available in a range of finish colours allowing the system to be tailored to meet aesthetic and project needs with special colours being produced to order.

For full details on the range of colours and finish options download the Triflex DeckDefence Epoxy colour card below.

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Manufacturer certification

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management
  • ISO 50001: Energy Management


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