Triflex EquiTerra

Triflex EquiTerra is a hard wearing, cold pour flooring system ideal for use in a range of equine applications.
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Equine facilities require reliable, hard wearing flooring surfaces that are cushioned to protect a horses joints, tendons and shoes while providing an anti-slip finish. That’s where Triflex EquiTerra comes in to its own, as a seamless, cold pour rubber flooring system that is ideal for use in a wide range of equine applications including stables, walkways, wash bays, parade areas, rings and much more. Perfectly suited to forming to any shape, Triflex EquiTerra is fully bonded and will not move or shift when under load or over time.

System highlights

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High quality, cold pour, cushioned materials

Based on the most advanced polymer chemistry and made only using the highest quality materials, our cold applied horse flooring solution provides a seamless, cushioned and non-slip flooring solution suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

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Eliminate slip and trip risks

Unlike with pre-formed mats and pavers there is no potential for joints to break, or for sections to become loose and shift. Triflex EquiTerra is fully bonded to the substrate, providing the highest levels of safety.

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No need for extensive levelling ground works

Triflex EquiTerra can accommodate uneven surfaces, eliminating the extensive amount of time and cost that is associated with levelling ground works for preformed solutions.

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Triflex EquiTerra is hard wearing, durable and aesthetically pleasing. The surface will not shift, crumble or curl up over time, maintaining its original form.

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Totally cold applied

Triflex materials are totally cold applied and installation can be carried out all year round. There is also no risk from hot works during installation as all our materials are applied in a totally cold liquid form, curing to create a seamless solution that lasts.

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Asphalt overlay

Many equine facilities have historically been waterproofed using asphalt which over time is likely to fail. Triflex has more than 30 years’ experience of asphalt overlay in the UK. In fact, whatever the substrate, we can provide a quick, easy and reliable overlay solution.

Triflex EquiTerra primer with quartz and base layer with SBR granules

Application areas

  • Stable floors and yards
  • Internal and external walkways
  • Wash bays
  • Parade areas
  • Trot up areas
  • Rings
  • Equine bridges
  • Horsewalkers
  • Veterinary hospitals

Compatible substrates

  • Concrete, concrete repair materials and screeds
  • Asphalt and polymer modified asphalt
  • Existing membranes
  • Steel
  • Structural plastics
  • Timber

System build-up

Triflex EquiTerra

Triflex EquiTerra is designed to be used in facilities including stable floors and yards, internal and external walkways, wash bays, parade areas, rings and more. It provides a hard wearing and cushioned flooring surface to protect a horses joints, tendons and shoes while providing an anti-slip finish.
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