Triflex manufacturing plant commits to all green electricity in 2022

From 2022 the Triflex manufacturing plant commits to all green electricity

In another step towards carbon neutrality, Triflex have announced that from 2022 all externally sourced electricity at their German manufacturing plant will be green with zero emissions.

The Triflex manufacturing plant in Minden, Germany, has always striven to reduce their environmental impact. From innovations in solvent free products to founding membership of environmental associations, reducing environmental impact has been a core of the Triflex corporate philosophy.

The manufacturing plant already has an on-site energy station that services site requirements in the most resource efficient way possible. When a new chemical production facility opened in 2018, it was innovatively designed to be heated using only waste heat from the combined heat and power (CHP) plant. In 2019, nearly 40% of the electricity used by manufacturing operations came from our own heat regulated CHP plant. Other initiatives to reduce energy consumption include optimising the steam network so less energy is required for processes. In addition, recent investments also include a photovoltaic system placed on the roofs of the central office building.

Now, Triflex manufacturing is ensuring that all purchased electricity is CO2 neutral by sourcing from renewable solar and wind power energy providers.

Paul Barker, Triflex UK Managing Director explains, “We continue to invest in modern and energy efficient technologies, and as an organisation strive to reduce our emissions. Environmental protection is a high priority for us and this is just one of many steps that Triflex has taken as part of our environmentally responsible corporate development.”

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