Triflex waterproofing for PV panels

UK Government spring budget

Triflex solutions for waterproofing PV panels

With the UK Government spring budget announcing an extension to VAT relief for energy saving materials for households, many may be looking towards Solar PV panels to help keep energy costs down.

Many homeowners will welcome the spring budget announcement of an extension to VAT relief for energy saving materials. With the energy prices rising, the time limited zero rate will no doubt increase demand for installation of solar panels.

As installers and roofing contractors look to meet an increasing demand, efficiency of installation will be paramount to meeting requirements and driving business. As flat roof waterproofing experts, we understand that speedy and robust waterproofing will be key to tight programme times, and we are here to help.

Where PV solar panels are installed on flat roofs, often they are mounted on an a frame or PV racking system and mechanically fixed. This method lessens the vulnerability to wind lift, but it also means that the flat roofs’ waterproofing has been compromised, and reinstatement must be made.

Roof penetrations are typically the most vulnerable areas to water ingress. Triflex has proven solutions for waterproofing around roof penetrations. Our Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProFibre cold liquid applied PMMA waterproofing products have been developed especially for roof penetrations, upstands, gutters and roof details.

Tried and tested on more than 1,400 substrates, you can be confident that they will provide lasting protection whatever the flat roof waterproofing system the PV panels are installed on.

Incorporating PMMA resins, they are ultra fast curing, in less than an hour, even down to winter temperatures of  -5°C. The simple, single coat application means that the seamless waterproofing is quick to install; a bonus with a potentially large number of details and penetrations to waterproof. And, as they are rainproof in 30 minutes, you can complete the job efficiently without compromise.

Self terminating and suitable for the smallest detail, they offer exceptional movement accommodation and puncture resistance for a long lasting and durable solution.

All Triflex projects are installed by our network of Triflex Authorised Contracting Partners, who install our systems to a consistently high standard.  To find out more about how we can support waterproofing for a flat roof PV installation project, contact us here.