Triflex team carry the National Water Hygiene Blue Card

The National Water Hygiene Blue Card
Triflex Water Industry image

With a range of services to the Water Industry, Triflex operatives are now all National Water Hygiene EUSR registered. A recent training course was undertaken by all personnel who undertake on-site activities with water companies in the UK.

The course, hosted online by an accredited provider, ensures that Triflex operatives continue to deliver high standards of hygiene practice as they visit any restricted operation site.

“The competency of our personnel can now be demonstrated through the EUSR scheme registration and our continued commitment to Water Industry hygiene practices and public health” explained Tony Mills, Sales Director. “Our teams undertake a wide range of activities from site surveys to on-site support services to ensure our waterproofing and protection systems deliver outstanding warrantied performance for years to come.”

Triflex solutions offer long term resilient protection to water industry structures. With rapid curing waterproofing and protection systems designed to waterproof and protect large areas as well as complex shapes. To read more about our solutions for reservoir roofs, water towers, bunds and tanks, please click here.