World Facilities Management Day

Leading a sustainable future

Triflex celebrate World Facilities Management Day

11th May 2022

Today, we celebrate facilities management! This important function has taken on more prominence as the world wrestled with keeping environments safe in the pandemic. This year the day takes the theme “Leading a sustainable future” as facilities managers look to sustainability in the built environment.

With Triflex waterproofing and protection systems tried and tested to overlay thousands of different substrates, it’s a theme we certainly relate to. From lasting car park protection overlaying asphalt, concrete and steel, to roofing waterproofing systems that seamlessly overlay single ply membranes (and many other substrates!) we have you covered.

In the hierarchy of waste, overlay solutions reuse existing substrates to not only increase longevity, but negate strip up and environmentally costly waste disposal. And with our singly and simple cold liquid applied solutions, no pricey energy is required in the installation process.

Of course, there can also be extrinsic benefits of ultra rapid curing PMMA liquid waterproofing, surfacing and protection systems. Rainproof in less than 30 minutes and fully cured within 60 minutes, even in winter temperatures, both reactionary and planned maintenance offer minimal disruption. So, whether it's the demarcation of an EV parking space or waterproofing a walkway, no lengthy diversion routes need to be accommodated.

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Sustainability is also inherent in our business with Triflex manufacturing committed to minimising our environmental impact. From the purchase of all green electricity, installation of PV systems and ISO 50001 energy management systems we are proactive in our approach to carbon neutrality.

As facilities management look to a sustainable future, contact us to find out how we can support your next project.