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The new luxury multi-residential development at Camlet Way, Herefordshire have recently received refurbishment to several areas including a 300m² roof, 100m² roof terrace and a further 100m² of balconies.
Hadley Wood, Hertfordshire
Authorised Contractor
Avonside Letchworth

The challenge

camlet way before

Triflex, working with Authorised Contractor Avonside (Letchworth) have together completed several projects at a new luxury multi-residential development in Camlet Way, Herefordshire, including a 300m² roof, 100m² roof terrace and a further 100m² of balconies.

The development consisted of nine luxury apartments in the very prestigious North London setting. Complete with underground parking facilities, a basement gym, swimming pool and a rooftop terrace with hot tub.

All specified areas required thorough investigation and testing to ensure that the right solution was selected for the application. The rooftop terrace required particular attention, with considerable loading implications due to the weight of the hot tub which was to be installed once complete. The roof terrace decking system which was to be laid on top of pedestals, also required careful consideration.

The solution

Camlet way after

After carrying out an in-depth survey of the newly developed site, it was determined that the best solution for the roof was Triflex ProTect as part of a warm roof build-up. This was chosen as it would provide advanced thermal insulation along with a durable and puncture resistant finish.

Triflex ProTerra Buried, was the immediate selection for the roof terrace. ProTerra Buried is a fully certified system designed for walkways, balconies and terraces and is ideal for use over occupied spaces. It bears exceptional tensile strength, which was ideally suited to provide strong resistance to the decking pedestals, and is resistant to standing and ponding water.

For the balconies Triflex ProTerra complete with insulation was installed, and decking was laid over the finished Triflex surface. Triflex ProTerra is available in a wide variety of colours and surface finishes allowing it to be fully tailored to a projects requirements.


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