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A faster balcony waterproofing solution
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A rapid curing buried balcony waterproofing solution was required to allow different trades to complete work in the same area on the same day, ensuring that the project would remain on track.
February 2019
Authorised Contractor
Albany Waterproofing

Key facts

  • Triflex systems were quick and easy to apply, individual elements of the build-up can cure in less than 1 hour
  • This allowed different trades to waterproof details, before allowing parapet walls or curtain walls to be erected, followed by the final waterproofing. Finishing three or four balconies in a single day
  • Curing is not temperature dependent, so contractors carried on working through the cold days of winter, even when it was below 0°C

The challenge

Charter Square is a new build development of luxury 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments set around a central courtyard garden in Staines. Each apartment has its own balcony with wooden decking, providing the occupiers private outdoor space to relax before or after a busy working day.

The challenge facing the developers was to provide a quick and easy to apply complete waterproofing solution to the balconies concrete substrate, that would allow other trades to access the area quickly to finish the job.

In addition, work had to be carried out all year-round. So a solution was required that would cure rapidly providing waterproof protection quickly in case of rain and also not be dependent on warm temperatures for its application and curing time.

The solution

Stains WBT project

The developers worked closely with Triflex and contractors Albany Waterproofing on the CAD drawings to develop a specification and methodology that met all of the performance and speed criteria. They specified cold liquid applied Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProTerra Buried as part of a phased plan to enable different trades to work alongside one another on the outdoor living areas.

Using a cold liquid applied system also had health and safety benefits in that there was no need for any hot works in the area. All that was required were drums of the waterproofing resins, rollers and brushes.

When the concrete base layer of the balcony or terrace was ready, Triflex Authorised Contractors Albany Waterproofing applied Triflex ProDetail around the edges and details. This provided a rainproof barrier in just 30 minutes and fully cured in a little as 45 minutes.

Once fully cured, the bricklayers and glazing contractors built the parapet wall and/or erected curtain walling and balustrades around the edges of the balcony. Following this construction, Albany Waterproofing returned to the terrace or balcony and waterproofed the rest of the concrete substrate using Triflex ProTerra Buried to provide the final waterproofing system.

Triflex ProTerra Buried is used beneath coverings, which in this case was timber decking. Like Triflex ProDetail it easily applied using a roller or brush and cures rapidly, typically taking only 1 hour, so the decking contractors could then access the balcony and complete the installation.

Designed for use beneath coverings and in inverted and buried build ups, it easily withstands the permanent loads from above. It is unaffected by ponding water and is resistant to salt and approved de-icing and cleaning products, so it will maintain a hidden but secure waterproofing solution for decades.

Other cold applied systems based on the more common polyurethane chemistry can take up to 12 hours per coat to cure depending on the temperature, which would have slowed down the project and increased timescales significantly.

The speed of curing for both Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProTerra Buried allowed us to complete 3-4 balconies in one go. It meant that after applying the waterproofing details the bricklayers and glazing contractors could complete their jobs before we would return on the same day to complete the waterproofing. It was a fast and efficient way to work.

It also allowed us to work throughout the winter, even in January when it was below freezing on some days. This would not have been possible using an alternative PU based system. We always use Triflex as it’s so easy to use and provides a fast and reliable result.

Darren Vidler | Contracts Manager for Albany Roofing


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