Fradley 432, Lichfield

New build Foamglas warm roof using PMMA cold liquid technology
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Fradley 432 is a new build industrial and logistics development at Fradley Park, Lichfield. A warm roof had been specified using Foamglas insulation, and a suitable waterproofing system was required that would have to accommodate light maintenance traffic and ensure the project could remain on schedule throughout the cold winter months.
January 2020
Authorised Contractor
UK Waterproofing Ltd

The challenge

Fradley 432 Before Triflex

Triflex Authorised Contracting Partners, UK Waterproofing Ltd, who had successfully won the project approached Triflex for a Project Specification Proposal. With the project set to take place during winter months, UK Waterproofing Ltd were confident Triflex would deliver on a cold liquid waterproofing system that can be applied in temperatures as low as 0oC.

Fradley 432 is the last major development at Fradley Park, home to large scale logistics centres for the likes of Tesco, Newell, Screwfix and DHL. The development houses a large scale 37,000m² industrial space and a 3-storey office space. It was above this office space where a warm flat roof waterproofing and surfacing solution was required.

The 130m² roof was designed to house a small number of air conditioning units as a plant deck area, and would need to allow for infrequent traffic, such as for maintenance and inspection as recommended under BS 6229. Foamglas T3+ insulation board had been specified along with Foamglas PC58 adhesive to act as both a vapour control layer and scratch coat. The architect had specified that a U-Value of 0.20W/m²K was required.

The solution

Fradley 432 After Triflex

Triflex ProTect heavy duty is the ideal solution for providing a waterproofing and surfacing system above the Foamglas T3+ insulation board. A U-Value and condensation risk analysis was conducted based upon this proposed build-up, and was found to meet the 0.20W/m²K requirements.

Triflex ProTect heavy duty is a PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) waterproofing system which is rapid curing and designed to be used on entire roof areas. The heavy duty finish is designed to be used on higher trafficked areas, and significantly increases the systems puncture resistance.

UK Waterproofing Solutions Ltd. commenced works during November 2019. Once the concrete deck had been prepared the Foamglas T3+ insulation boards were bonded into place using the Foamglas PC58 adhesive. Triflex Spray FastPrime was then applied to ensure the best possible bond could be achieved. The main area waterproofing system Triflex ProTect was then installed.

Installation is simple thanks to the wet-on-wet application process using rollers, and the system can be installed in temperatures down to 0°C, making it the ideal cold applied system to be installed during the cold winter months. Additionally, the system cures to provide a rainproof membrane within 30 minutes, allowing weather windows to be maximised during the wet winter months.

Lastly, the heavy-duty embedment layer was installed by casting Triflex Quartz into a layer of Triflex ProTect resin, before a layer of Triflex Cryl Finish 205 was applied in the chosen finish colour.

With the installation taking place during the winter months, the low temperature rapid curing of the Triflex materials helped to keep the project to schedule. Dean Thomason, Senior Site Manager at UK Waterproofing Solutions Ltd. said “The whole installation only took a couple of weeks to complete. The main issue we faced on-site was just the weather. But thanks to how quickly Triflex cures we were able to work between the rain and managed to keep the project moving forwards”.

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