Honeywell Technologies, Bracknell

Failed asphalt car park overlay using PMMA liquid waterproofing and surfacing
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The staff car park at Honeywell Technologies in Bracknell had been leaking for sometime and staff had reported damage to their vehicles when parked beneath certain areas of the two-storey structure. Triflex were invited to survey the car park and provide a project specification. During the survey, we found that the asphalt had become cracked and split in numerous locations, particularly at dayjoints. Triflex materials were used to provide repairs in critical areas as well a full car park overlay using Triflex DeckFloor to provide a lasting waterproofing and surfacing solution.
October 2019
Authorised Contractor
Rateavon, Weatherproofing Advisors

The challenge

Honeywell, Bracknell staff car park before refurbishment

Tryfan Edwards of Weatherproofing Advisors invited Triflex to carry out a full on-site survey and to produce a project specification proposal for their client, Honeywell Technologies, in Bracknell, Berkshire.

The project, a 2,000m² podium car park deck and ramp consisted of a steel frame with precast reinforced concrete planks, a structural topping and a traditional asphalt build-up to provide the waterproofing and wearing course. On initial visual inspection it was clear that the existing machine laid asphalt had become cracked and split in numerous locations, particularly at dayjoints. Additionally, the existing soft filled expansion joints had extensively failed.

These failures had allowed water to pass through the structure. Unfortunately, as this had been occurring for some time there was significant corrosion visible on the steel frame, with staining to the soffit of the car park decks.

Honeywell Technologies had stated that damage had been reported to staff vehicles when parked beneath certain areas. They therefore required a solution that would put an end to this and prevent further damage to the structure as soon as possible.

Asphalt car park before Triflex overlay

The solution

Staff car park after Triflex overlay

Triflex were specified by Weatherproofing Advisors to provide the waterproofing and repair solutions as they themselves, being Authorised Contracting Partners, were familiar with the benefits of Triflex. They knew that Triflex could provide a solution which could directly overlay the failed asphalt, saving significant costs associated with removal, as well as minimising time on-site and general disruption to staff.

Experienced car park Authorised Contracting Partners, Rateavon, were brought on to complete the works. Prior to overlaying the asphalt, the Triflex Technical Team had specified that the joints would require treatment and repairs would need to be made good.

Triflex repair materials were specified for use on the existing splits and cracks in the asphalt, as well as repairing the existing soft filled joints with Triflex loop joints incorporating Triflex FlexFiller. Triflex FlexFiller is a PMMA based compressible sealer and filler for joints, which like all Triflex solutions is totally cold applied.

Once all joints were treated, Triflex DeckFloor was used to provide the waterproofing and surfacing. At Triflex we have overlaid over 2 million m² of failed asphalt and our solutions are renowned for their high levels of compatibility with this substrate.

Triflex DeckFloor is designed for car park decks and ramps above parking and internal decks and ramps over occupied spaces. This heavy duty, flexible system utilises market leading PMMA waterproofing technology and incorporates a high tensile strength reinforcement in high risk areas. Due to its rapid curing nature, Triflex DeckFloor allows car parks to remain open during installation, limiting access restrictions and unnecessary disruptions. It also allows installation to be carried out all year round at temperatures down to 0°C.

Detail areas were waterproofed with Triflex ProDetail, our fast and seamless waterproofing system allowing details to be efficiently protected for the long-term.

Unlike asphalt and traditional materials, Triflex PMMA systems rapidly cure and do not require the use of hot works. These properties, coupled with the expertise of Triflex Authorised Contracting Partners, Rateavon, allowed works to be completed on schedule and to the highest of standards, protecting the car park for years to come.

Completed car park with Triflex