K West Hotel

Hotel roof refurbishment
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The 2,500m² flat roof of this hotel consisted of asphalt and a bituminous membrane. The substrate was now allowing water to ingress into below rooms causing serious damage, in some areas the ingress had become so severe that rooms had to be completely closed off to guests.
Shephards Bush, West London
Authorised Contractor
London Seamless Flat Roofing Ltd.

The challenge

K West Hotel before Triflex

K West is a popular cosmopolitan hotel in Shepherds Bush, West London, situated close to the shopping hotspot, Westfield London. Amongst its 219 guest rooms, its modern facilities include a spa, gym facilities, a bar and a restaurant.

The large, uniquely shaped building has a c.a. 2500m² flat asphalt roof that, in a previous effort to maintain its integrity, had been overlaid with a bituminous membrane that had reached the end of its serviceable life and was permitting the ingress of water into the building. Incidences of water ingress into certain guest rooms on the top floor had become so severe that they had been completely closed off to guests.

The hotel was at full occupancy so any disruption to guests had to be minimised; for this reason, Triflex was chosen primarily due to its exceptionally rapid cure times, which allows high priority areas to be waterproofed within short timeframes and created little disruption to guests; as testament, no complaints were made.

The solution

K West Hotel after Triflex installation

Following extensive testing, the BBA and ETA certified Triflex ProTect, a cold liquid applied system based on fast curing PMMA resin technology, was specified to provide a totally waterproof overlay to the failing roof. Additionally, as the fully reinforced system is hydrolysis resistant, it will not break down in any standing or ponding water.

There was significant plant and cable trays on the roof that had to be raised and Triflex ProTect applied beneath these inaccessible areas. Subsequently, Triflex ProDetail was used to waterproof most details and Triflex ProFibre adopted to waterproof any particularly complex details.

Service walkways were introduced in a contrasting white colour, using Triflex ProTect with Anti-skid Finish, which allowed the walkways to achieve, according to HSE guidelines, a low slip potential, with a Pendulum Test Value of approximately 45.

Triflex ProTect provided a tough, durable and cost effective roof overlay to the leaking roof at K West, which, according to its BBA certificate, under normal service conditions, will provide a durable roof waterproofing with a service life in excess of 25 years.

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